Muslim UTA student's claim of aggravated assault with a weapon was fabricated

This Facebook post, which details a horrifying incident of aggravated assault, had been shared more than 850 times by Friday. But UTA says it's false.
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Friday, February 13, 2015 - 5:07pm

A UT Arlington student’s claim that she was threatened by a gunman in one of the school’s parking lots has turned out to be false.

In a post that turned viral on Facebook, an apparent Muslim student named Ambreen Sharif claimed she was driving to campus on Feb. 11 when a white pickup truck decorated with “large Texas flags” began following her.

Sharif claimed the truck followed her for six miles until she parked, and then blocked her in by parking behind her.

She then stated a man got out of the truck, approached her vehicle and screamed “watch the f**k out, we’re killing all of you.”

She also said the man pointed a gun straight at her.

“I have felt no closer to death before,” Sharif stated in her post. “I also closed my eyes and said Laa ilaha ill Allah, Mohammudur Rasool Ullah.

“He could have very easily put a bullet straight in my face. He could have very easily killed me.”

Sharif's post had been shared more than 850 times on Facebook by Friday morning.

But a statement released by UT Arlington Friday afternoon says the entire incident was false and that it never happened, nor was Sharif even on campus that day.

“In follow-up interviews today, the student said the confrontation did not occur,” according to the statement.

The post had been scrubbed from Facebook by Friday afternoon.

University police worked with Arlington, Denton and University of North Texas police departments to investigate the alleged incident.

It’s not clear why Sharif fabricated the incident. Several people who had shared the post on Facebook made references to the recent shooting death of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

"We take these issues very seriously. The safety and security of all UT Arlington students, faculty and staff is our utmost concern,” UTA President Vistasp Karbhari said. "UT Arlington police work to ensure a safe campus, one founded on mutual support and respect. We will take decisive and appropriate action to ensure the well-being of our entire University community.”

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She needs to be produced for making a false claim. This is nothing less than race baiting.

Prosecuted. Damn autocorrect.

why would she make it all up? I don't understand, she needed attention that bad. She had the whole muslim community in an uproar and I as a Muslim student attending Uta was very worried. Instead of honoring the victims of the chapel hill shooting she fabricated a lie to gain attention from others focusing on that tragedy. I'm truly ashamed

take the idealism of youth that sometimes acts stupidly before considering the consequences of the action and combine it with, in this case, Taqiyya — the concept that Muslims are permitted to “lie to the unbeliever” if the lie helps “advance the cause of Islam” and I'd bet you have your answer.

Hi, could you please support Taqiyyah with the Quran?

Why did she even do that? It made us muslims look even worse...I don't get why in the world would someone make up a story to just get attention?

Why? The same reason the black girl spray painted hate slogan on her door, and the lesbian cut her own arms, and the ... well the list from the past few years goes on and on. You're on campus, you KNOW there is a serious problem, and people don't take it seriously; so you stage an event to show the world the real problem. From my sample size (the reports I've seen) EVERY hate crime reported on campus in the past decade has been staged by the "victim". It's not a surprise to see yet another one. Honestly at this point it would be a surprise if ANY "hate crime" on a college campus were actually real and not a hoax. Even the boy who cried wolf only staged the event 3 times before a real one happened.

Summwe, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are a separate individual. I hope this young lady faces some legal action for false statement; perhaps with a requirement that she make a public retraction, apology and explanation for her lie.

Very sad to hear that why would sho do this.its shame for her sure her family never thought she could humiliate them like this.

Oh dear, this doesn't make this any easier. I feel you Summer, I'm so disappointed if, of course, this article is the truth. (Not saying that I'm faulting Arlington Voice, but I have become a skeptic in past few days towards media in general since at times their sources oversimplify incidents with Muslim victims.)

Diversity is a failure! She should be attending college in her own Country. All these muds hate White people so much, then why do they come to White Coutries?

To tremley: It's not a "white country." Technically if you want to get that specific it's a Native American country which the "whites" took from them. Moron. Check your ancestry and get educated.

You never heard of the meaning of Mud you racist garbage. Move to Moscow and join your skin head pals. Got it Tremley. Diversity has been a success and America didn't see race as a issue at all.

No it's not technically a Native American country. America was founded as a white country by white men. In your world any land that once had a certain group of people on it gives them ownership to that land forever and till the end of time. If I sell you a plot of land and you build a house on it, would the land and house still belong to me?

No because I paid for the land fair and square, instead of saying "oh, nah, I think I'll just kill him and take it," you scrub. In one instance a fair exchange is being made and on the other someone is being screwed over.

"It’s not clear why Sharif fabricated the incident." Really? It is clear to me!

I would like to know more about this liar (I can call her that since the entire episode has been proven to be a lie). Was she born and raised in the United States, is she here on a student visa is she a member of the Muslim Student's Association, etc.? Can anyone at U of T investigate?

You know honestly i understand everyones frustration here but theres no reason to bash my religion. anyways, i know this girl. when i found out before this thing blew up me and my girlfriend both had doubts in our head that she was telling the truth. i met this girl several times because she's friends with some of the people i know. not once did i understand this girl. Im a muslim and i understand everyones frustrations and concerns. i think it will ruin the serious concerns that innocent individuals who get attacked. in no way shape of form I'm happy with this at all. like i said i know her. this girl most likely did it for attention. I'm hurt that she would lie about it.

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