Force used by officer consistent with expectations, review concludes

The Arlington Police Department determined Wednesday that force used by an Arlington officer to subdue a teen in August was consistent with the department's training and policies.

The administrative review was initiated after a cell phone video posted to YouTube on Aug. 9 showed Officer Dylan Eckstrom using force to bring a 15-year-old girl to the ground in front of an entertainment venue called 1010 Collins.

Police had to break up several fights that flared outside of the facility following a teen party. The 15-year-old girl was one of five arrested and ticketed that night for fighting in public. She plead not guilty to the charge in Arlington Municipal court in September.

The 15-year-old’s parents, Julie and Kirk Perry, filed a federal lawsuit against Eckstrom on Nov. 15. In it, they say Eckstrom used excessive force by lifting their daughter a foot off the ground and driving her, back first, into the pavement.

According to the department’s preliminary review, Eckstrom’s conduct was “consistent with the expectations of the organization and with law enforcement training standards.”

To date, the department has not received a complaint from the teenager involved in this incident or her parents.

Since the incident, the department has exchanged dialogue with several faith-based leaders to identify pressing issues that affect youth.

“Part of the dialogue that has resonated from these meetings included a call to action from our faith-based community to address youth violence issues and steer our young people into making the right decisions for the right reasons at the right time,” said Sgt. Christopher Cook in a release.

As is customary, the department shared the final review with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. No further investigative efforts by the department are expected.