Cornyn's clandestine crucifixion of Cruz may bury him, if voters don't forget

A wise friend once told me Americans have two fatal flaws.

The first is that we’re extremely forgiving.

If asked properly, most people will forgive. Not everyone can do it, and those who can’t often benefit from the second flaw.

And that is we are forgetful.

The more someone is pushed in front of us either through news, social media, or culture, the better our chances of forgetting past errors. We’ll remember the highlights, but will we remember what’s important?

These two flaws -- even more so when combined -- allow politicians, celebrities, and athletes, among others, to get away with a lot of bad behavior.

This week, Americans -- Texas Republicans specifically -- learned that Senator John Cornyn betrayed an ally. Even though it happened just four days ago, I’m afraid we’ve already forgotten.

Cornyn hopes you have. At least, his campaign is working hard to make that happen.

On Monday, Breitbart news reported that Cornyn, along with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, was actively whipping Republicans to oppose a filibuster from Senator Ted Cruz.

Because the Senate’s revised version removed a key provision that would have defunded the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Cruz had planned to filibuster the Continuing Resolution that would temporarily fund the government.

News moves quick these days thanks to social media, and within hours, a firestorm of conservative backlash was raining down on Cornyn.

Over the last five days, I’ve monitored anger-fueled conversations about Cornyn through Facebook and Twitter, and have noticed a gradual shift in their focus.

Constituents have gone from despising Cornyn because he was effectively working against Cruz to despising him for his vote on cloture.

In the face of all this anger, Cornyn has yet to acknowledge through his campaign channels that he betrayed Cruz.

Asking for forgiveness requires that you acknowledge you were wrong.

Instead -- two days after Breitbart ran its story -- Cornyn’s campaign posted online a photo of three phone bankers taking calls from constituents. Don’t mind the fact that his phone lines were allegedly off-the-hook during Cruz's 21-hour speech, according to several sources.

That didn’t quell the anger, however. And since then, the Cornyn campaign has flooded its accounts with posts about defunding the ACA, voting against its funding, and a medley of other questionable stances.

He wants you to forget that he betrayed the only other Senator from Texas. It’s easier to explain a “yes” vote during upcoming forums and appearances than it is to explain betrayal.

Do not forgive. Do not forget.

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Morning News.

Listen to Mark Davis segment with Cornyn from his Thursday show.